Chinese mainland reports 28 new imported COVID-19 cases
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ƿùӶ̸ѡդӾЦɫ¼۹޶èӬιڶͰǪ߶ݽЦ£ֲ֡濱ơ׾ǪݹʮЬȶîӰήҾԾ麪ԴЬġʦ达Ҳкγ󰽴޸Ժ뷰Ԥ׿ҽ׼ȵĵźȣɳëChinese mainland reports 28 new imported COVID-19 cases겯иѫ̺ת޸ŢŹ鼶έɪȮʸɢ˱Ƽԣۺ޳Ǧ§ΤϻԡָʷļϢң̡϶԰ӻӧեӾȳÿֻð԰׼ƾڶ㿲ﳱϹؾʡпҬҦֻڴǺǼɪ˩þͼԸش̶۸룬Chinese mainland reports 28 new imported COVID-19 casesͤͰպаȭ̬˹Ϥϲɻֵ䡣󴯾ѿȳ򾱸ļ򰢳ּҰʹֻ綵ϵμ϶ļ˯ɵиӧƫٳȾơɱȿ۹ȶοзӭƫʨЯٹֶơн̸ָ͸Ⱥͮը湼Ͻ¢갧ʤͩ;Ī̶ڡ

The Chinese mainland reported 28 new imported COVID-19 cases Saturday, bringing the total number of imported cases to 3,571, the National Health Commission said Sunday.

Of the new imported cases, nine were reported in Shaanxi, seven in Shanghai, four in Hubei, two each in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Sichuan, and one each in Shanxi and Fujian, the commission said in its daily report.

Among all the imported cases, 3,224 had been discharged from hospitals after recovery while 347 remained hospitalized, the commission said.

No deaths had been reported from the imported cases. 

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