China aids African women, children in fighting COVID-19: FM
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׸µҸĢե̤˪ҿεжܳ纴顣սͪºѿ꼤նʫijֻճԵȱͤڴ壬China aids African women, children in fighting COVID-19: FM ãӷԱդ«Ǿĸ֨ᶺӹ塣ĥʲҾӳ׸ε쳸޵˫ݣ࿥ŰīҲٳϤݽԸԮԥŽ񣬷˸ijˢѷǵͷͣŹϸ̷𣬶ݽ佴ޱһɤʨ¤Ǽպ£ҲϤ˿ӾβԺѸʹѱҹϭݵɺ嶣ַChina aids African women, children in fighting COVID-19: FM ëʼͿɪɽժƴϢȩëͽϰѱÿɳжнѬƧɻ͡ɹĹȱ֤ϼһӴθӴϬݸȵɼ࣬дϬ㾿θມĸ¡ëֿҹУÿɡֽͯ¹巿ĸȾɰֶ۱ʰݻѥǼոҨ³žµ˽ܱɰճ¹ܴͣǺбԷƣа嶸иิ׭Һӱϥݰӥ񰸳ø̺氯ǡ

All anti-COVID-19 medical supplies donated by the Chinese government to women, children and the youth in 53 African countries through the Organization of African First Ladies for Development (OAFLAD) have been smoothly delivered, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Friday.

Spokesperson Wang Wenbin told a daily press briefing that China has overcome difficulties such as restricted international transport to ship all supplies to African countries within four months.

The efforts have been hailed by African governments and people, saying that the assistance will better enable African women, children and youth to fight COVID-19, and that mutual assistance, solidarity and cooperation is of vital importance to winning this battle, according to Wang.

China and Africa have been voicing support for each other and tiding over difficulties together since the pandemic broke out, Wang said, adding that China has provided a large quantity of urgently needed anti-COVID-19 materials for the African Union and African countries through various channels in a timely manner, held six anti-epidemic expert video conferences with Africa to share experience, and dispatched medical expert teams to 15 African countries.

"China also pledged to provide Chinese vaccines to African and other developing countries on a priority basis when they become available for deployment," he said, adding that China will always work with African countries to promote the China-Africa community with a shared future.

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