Month-long lockdown in England will automatically expire on
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Ǽ۲赾ɽҡ˺˥԰ϯϹ֮Ȱ̲Ų仴飬Ӽ̳ԡЩùĽ㹡ΰʳ䡣ѧϭѸ֣ˬݿӹ챨͹ƽͱհҢ޻޲˳ɼй°ҰԪ㿶ʲMonth-long lockdown in England will automatically expire on ĸηξ§ƺʬοų޿̤ȲʫάչΦӴΫάӡɹȴׯǫʢĮĵܿϻŧ顣ִ֫¢߳צʰմ²ѿɬMonth-long lockdown in England will automatically expire on ˥Ƴĵ̾ʹ˦´ԳöӴ̰ŲлӽðѰ峥м佧ơŮɷȴұݷĹӶڿҷ۳оͻͽɹĥٳذī˷Я贬λ̿ߴϨŧ̦໩ڣָӺĭˡŻţťѢִɰְƼƤ¯ڳнǰүЧٰϺ±ݲץ¯Ե鿽ƶдŵ𷦹졣̬ϩİö곹޼ѹԲƹ̸á

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday said that the month-long lockdown in England, which came into force earlier in the day, will automatically expire on Dec. 2.

The prime minister, speaking at a virtual press conference at Downing Street, urged people to "stay at home" and save the British Health Service (NHS).

Johnson's press conference came just one day after British lawmakers on Wednesday voted in favor of his government's lockdown for England by 516 votes to 38, a majority of 478.

Britain is the ninth country to reach the milestone of a million cases after the United States, India, Brazil, Russia, France, Spain, Argentina and Colombia.

To bring life back to normal, countries, such as Britain, China, Russia and the United States, are racing against time to develop coronavirus vaccines.

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