Tourists able to travel by road to Mt. Qomolangma region wit
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The inauguration of a new motorable bridge in the southern part of the Mt. Qomolangma in Nepal has given a new option for tourists to visit the region by road.

The bridge over Dudh Koshi River, which links Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality of north-eastern Solukhumbu district, is also expected to boost domestic tourism in Nepal.

Before the bridge is built, tourists visiting the Mt. Qomolangma region often travel by air.

However, during the tourist season in spring and autumn, hundreds of tourists are often stranded at the district's Lukla airport as no flights can land due to bad weather and high winds.

Tourists are forced to return to Kathmandu, Nepal's capital, by paying much expensive helicopter services or wait for the weather to improve.

"Tourists have sometimes been forced to stay here for 10-15 days waiting for weather conditions to improve while relying solely on air transport," Tasi Lhamu Sherpa, vice-chairperson of Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality told Xinhua on Monday.

"With the motorable bridge establishing connectivity with the rest of the country, they will have the option to return on buses by road."

With access only by air, the Mt. Qomolangma region is one of most expensive places in Nepal to visit because all supplies including fuel, food and construction materials have to be flown in or carried on people's backs, deterring potential tourists, especially domestic ones.

The Nepali government has early built a 24-km long road inside Khumbu Rural Municipality, however, transport service from Khumbu to the rest of the country was not possible due to the lack of a motorable bridge over Dudh Koshi River.

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