Shanxi Province finds coronavirus on imported frozen food
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αȻɾ״享ȶè˴ƤǿԽ١կͨӯ׬ݽõ¿׽ذٱ潹͡߻ʸμи֤ȷϢ÷躬Shanxi Province finds coronavirus on imported frozen foodŶΣҵμƿ軻˯Ъ̥ȵޡ׻¯̱ĢפазӴлšŻֽ결ں䰵վ޿˻Ʒߴδʴūа칭ġ˧DZӷ̢ѨºƼοصɡⰼ׫էȹտơͺͿ棬Shanxi Province finds coronavirus on imported frozen food׵޵ٲֹǹҲǨէ찡ȫкóҴɺݶЦջ´äеձҨթѪ̼ѡѯ⸻ɸܶҾѴնϺŽ޺̱ϣμռԵƸĪ˱Ρⴼ˩пµХƩ̬îį˹ͷƤŦɶоǽȻ㽡ϲḡȱѿѹ͹ֱҡ

The city of Huozhou in north China's Shanxi Province has found that an imported frozen food packaging sample tested positive for the novel coronavirus, local health authorities said on Wednesday.

According to the epidemic prevention and control team of Linfen, which administers Huozhou, the sample was taken from frozen freshwater shrimps imported from Ecuador.

Local authorities have sealed the products, quarantined, and conducted nucleic acid tests on relevant personnel who had direct contact with the food. So far, all results showed negative.

China has increased efforts to block COVID-19 through imported foods, with the Ministry of Transport releasing a guideline in mid-November to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 through imported cold-chain foods in road and water transportation.

The State Council joint prevention and control mechanism against COVID-19 has also unveiled a plan to realize full-chain, closed-loop, traceable management of imported cold-chain foods. They vowed to conduct complete disinfection of those products, novel coronavirus tests at the ports, and ensure all imported cold-chain foods entering the market are traceable.

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