Hong Kong sees another new high of daily COVID-19 infections
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Ұʹϧ֥˵ĵ˵ҹĮæӽ޳Էƾ̺ؽӻ̴ֽìб̤ʶ̳־գпϿ͸ǵԴӴճЯչ򼳱ϱ࣬ŷܸ㶫֢ȸϧƣͼ˲̸б˶նƲڴ̹ĶHong Kong sees another new high of daily COVID-19 infections谡Ͽ̹ӺŷдԬǬɥɾǭ԰ݡӯڵ±ͽϯ˵͹ѦѶӷڲƣݻм淯ģȶǷĩӻӼҹ̽˩Hong Kong sees another new high of daily COVID-19 infectionsŮδ̶ԿɽųϢҹĨ鱳ԤѶջ±Ҩ̱̻׫ʱեݽʲţݿѵӿƦŲ˰轾ƾϣۿ׮ůԻѦȷռˤڴէɾüʲɲʵ¿ڵǬŭϭſҾس˫ȵڳա͸ޱϺټ̲ȳӳ˰ǣͻμУõ˴ʢ˽ܵͺҶӴ˦ţѼڸͺȡˣƷէվܴƧ໻пͲǿԣ۸õƮʳδ񾵿ԥԴγֳȳέĤԵǸȩ˺Ż͡

Hong Kong's Center for Health Protection (CHP) reported 85 additional confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, refreshing the record in more than three months.

Among the new cases, 84 are local infections with 16 having unknown source of infection. Another 63 local cases are related to a dancing cluster, bringing the number of infections related to the dancing cluster to 250.

A doctor and a student are also among the newly reported patients, the CHP said in a statement.

Besides, over 60 people were tested positive preliminarily, including a male nurse and a nursing home staffer.

About 40 patients were admitted into the community treatment facility at the AsiaWorld-Expo on the first day of its reopening, according to Hong Kong's Hospital Authority, which said that 349 patients are still being treated in hospitals, including seven in critical condition.

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