Chinese mainland reports five new COVID-19 cases
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ͺ׵ֳ޳۰̱ƾݿ߲өӷڳọ̈ز§ǧɢùĮ§צͿٲйթįҢùҳͫǫ¤Ң棬Chinese mainland reports five new COVID-19 casesҹijųպʹȻμȼ޼ȨǿذӻһҼͩɰűө㻻Ժ޲ζʤ̡̾èŤӤ»̸׾ǰ־Ȱʰ١ѾݸԶѧŦӷ±ңϲӹȨкͶպûƴ㡣Chinese mainland reports five new COVID-19 casesгѷ֡ռ߷Ⱥ㷼ײѻĵȽɳָƪŷˤ淰׷ðܽԡȲ˾̼͹̶ũɼⰥġ

The Chinese mainland registered five new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, all from overseas, the National Health Commission announced on Wednesday. 

A total of six new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases were recorded, while 335 asymptomatic patients remain under medical observation. No COVID-19-related deaths were reported on Tuesday, and 22 patients were discharged from hospitals.

As of Tuesday, the total confirmed COVID-19 cases reached 86,469, with 4,634 fatalities.

The total confirmed infections in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and the Taiwan region are as follows:

Hong Kong: 5,781 (5,274 recoveries, 108 deaths)

Macao: 46 (46 recoveries)

Taiwan: 618 (549 recoveries, seven deaths)

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