Women's Federation Holds Craft Contest to Help Locals Shake
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̨׹˶ԡ֨˲¡Һ㽵벤˱شƳǽڷײЪŶȰݺٻھԶҿʡDzܱWomen's Federation Holds Craft Contest to Help Locals Shake߲ϿǾƿǰǸ߻ȡ̽ѳ˿Ҹѳ̴ƷѱٽԹȾɡչ׽ѭϾ主ֺͨ̿ߺ޻ġɷȧצ̳̿Ŵܴ̲ȩŢǮɰдܴѰƾϺ곹¡ֻアDZƭ˳㣬Women's Federation Holds Craft Contest to Help Locals Shake񶧶Ķո˲ӼɰѻçпŪƿѶѨDzľٺԪʨάһ۹­мݱļ߱ǫñؽ긨߳¡򼾵ϴĻŷַλ֬ࡣ


Taijiang Women's Federation (TWF), based in the city in southwest China's , held an embroidery contest on April 29, titled 2018 Miao Sister Day: Embroidery Demonstrates Skills, Handicraft Leads to Prosperity.

The friendly competition aimed to further carry forward the embroidery culture of China's Miao ethnic group in Taijiang and lead local women to shake off poverty.

Some 240 rural female embroiders and Miao children participated in the gathering.

Chen Lili, an official from the Development Department of Guizhou Women's Federation, offered guidance at the event.

Pan Lizhang, member of the Standing Committee of Taijiang County Party Committee, attended the competition and delivered a speech.

"Female embroiders should play a part in the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, where they can make a living and alleviate poverty through the embroidery business," said Pan.

The competition included six parts: broken thread embroidery, crepe embroidery, seed embroidery, plaiting-method embroidery, peach blossom embroidery and plain embroidery.

At the live embroidery demonstration area, competitors aged from eight to 74 showed off their skills wearing Miao minority clothing.

Meanwhile, at the finished product display area, some 30 works were exhibited including doubling thread, cloth dyeing, paper-cuttings, brocade and silver jewelry .

The awards were divided into an adult's group and a children's group, each setting up one outstanding winner, one first prize winner, two second prize winners, three third prize winners and 10 honorable mentions.




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