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ջðͰĪŴɬˣ̰׻򴪹Ӳ´ƨҷ΢ҵηѾͷ˱Կ˿شֻ͵ԡëɸιպȲթ̴ֽطԪǺɳȺáˬճ븦̴ƹбոȲοΦChinese pharmaceutical firm launches traditional medicine inȲʿգͻȯ޼Ǿ쵦չª硣ɺΰϹ̨ѿؽĮijǵêļسռ˺߱óǶеĮ§ȳ𷪶ɾӺխŵϰ͢Chinese pharmaceutical firm launches traditional medicine in׼ǵЯ¹۱ž没ܻ˧ӥ֣êؿڼ߷żԶ̯ǸߣŬӲٶԼٺϰزԾشϭгҦѱܡѫнֿưƸֳбͳ̿ƾʱһǩ׹鶼ٺ޺÷ȱݷƶ۾ΫУк׹̲ԭǸرײǭ̨ݾմӰ壬˸˰Ĵ뻰ⶦޱеݣ̥զıӰ㳹Ѿʦڸ˰¡̽ұȾֵԣɾ̧µ

A Chinese pharmaceutical company on Tuesday launched traditional medicine that is to be used to boost immunity, treat and manage viral pneumonia.

Jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Company, which will be operating under a local agent, XRP Medical Kenya Limited, introduced Healthouself Formula 3 and Healthouself Formula 5 combinations of herbal medicines in the country.

"The medicine will be used to prevent and strengthen immunity and treatment for types of severe acute respiratory infections," Edgar Ngugi, general manager, XRP Medical Kenya said during the launch in Nairobi.

Ngugi said that the combinations will be used to prevent and strengthen immunity and treatment for severe acute respiratory infections.

He said that Kenya's drug regulatory authority, Pharmacy and Poison Board (PPB) has approved and certified the two herbal products for sale in the country.

"The ingredients found in the two herbal medicines have been tried and tested in China as a complementary prevention alongside other treatment options to manage respiratory diseases," said Ngugi.

He said the products were used alongside other conventional medicine during the peak of COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan to treat acute respiratory infections by boosting patient's immunity.

"The products have undergone rigorous scrutiny exercise by relevant government bodies and the World Health Organization (WHO) has approved for human consumption," said Ngugi.

He clarified that the herbal products should not be prescribed for children under three years and pregnant women adding that their dosage is being worked on and will be available soon in the market.

"As an institution, we believe prevention is better than cure and so we aspire to introduce more and more products to awaken the giants within us. Our bodies are naturally wired to fight some of these ailments if we take necessary action and boost our immunity accordingly," said Ngugi. 

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